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Bolts / Panels

Fabric Bolts and Panels. If we offer a kit you are interested in, we will have all fabrics listed here as well.

Bolts / Panels
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 Assorted Linen - Aqua Marine   Assorted Linen - Aqua Marine 
Aqua Marine linen
 $19.99   Buy Now  
 Assorted Linen - Blue   Assorted Linen - Blue 
Sky blue linen fabric
 $19.99   Buy Now  
 Assorted Linen - Blue linen with flowers   Assorted Linen - Blue linen with flowers 
Indigo blue with blooming printed flowers
 $24.99   Buy Now  
 Assorted Linen - Green   Assorted Linen - Green 
Soft grass green
 $19.99   Buy Now  
 Assorted Linen - Green and Red Shirting   Assorted Linen - Green and Red Shirting 
Red and green with white plaid shirting
 $19.99   Buy Now  
 Assorted Linen - Light Tan   Assorted Linen - Light Tan 
Light Tan fabric
 $19.99   Buy Now  
 Assorted Linen - Mixed colors   Assorted Linen - Mixed colors 
Pastel purple, yellow, green and blue in a mixed fabric
 $24.99   Buy Now  
 Assorted Linen - Purple Plaid shirting   Assorted Linen - Purple Plaid shirting 
White and purple plaid shirting
 $19.99   Buy Now  
 Assorted Linen - Yellow   Assorted Linen - Yellow 
Pastel Yellow
 Assorted Linen- Cotton Laminated Flowers   Assorted Linen- Cotton Laminated Flowers 
White Multicolored mini Flowers 57" wide
 $20.99   Buy Now  
 Assorted Linen- Purple   Assorted Linen- Purple 
Pastel toned purple
 $19.99   Buy Now  
 Benartex Fabrics Happy Holidays Snowmen 0457207B   Benartex Fabrics Happy Holidays Snowmen 0457207B 
Happy Holidays Snowmen - Snowmen Border Ivory 0457207B
 $11.99   Buy Now  
 Benartex Fabrics- Woodlands- 04327- 44   Benartex Fabrics- Woodlands- 04327- 44 
Crisp fall time Leaf composition matched with acorns and a strong dark green background.
 $9.99   Buy Now  
 Benartex Fabrics- Woodlands- 04327-72   Benartex Fabrics- Woodlands- 04327-72 
Autumn season pattern represented with leafs and acorns followed up by brown overtones
 $9.99   Buy Now  
 Benartex Fabrics- Woodlands- 04327-77   Benartex Fabrics- Woodlands- 04327-77 
Strong red tinted fall season fabric with sprawled out leafs and acorns scattered throughout the piece
 $9.99   Buy Now  
 Benartex Fabrics- Woodlands- 04329- 33   Benartex Fabrics- Woodlands- 04329- 33 
large brown plaid interwoven with tree-like trunks
 $9.99   Buy Now  
 Benartex Fabrics- Woodlands- 04329- 44   Benartex Fabrics- Woodlands- 04329- 44 
Large green plaid pattern woven together with a forest theme
 $9.99   Buy Now  
 Benartex Fabrics- Woodlands- 04329-07   Benartex Fabrics- Woodlands- 04329-07 
Forest inspired plaid with a primary yellow theme
 $9.99   Buy Now  
 Benartex Fabrics- Woodlands- 04330-44   Benartex Fabrics- Woodlands- 04330-44 
Green boxed plaid pattern with a scheme towards wildlife and the forest
 $9.99   Buy Now  
 Benartex Fabrics- Woodlands- 04330-77   Benartex Fabrics- Woodlands- 04330-77 
Dark boxed plaid hunting theme with a flash of red
 $9.99   Buy Now  
Displaying 1 to 20 (of 428 products) Result Pages:  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10 ...  [Next >>]