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Bolts / Panels

Fabric Bolts and Panels. If we offer a kit you are interested in, we will have all fabrics listed here as well.

Bolts / Panels
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 Benartex Fabrics- Woodlands- 04331- 42   Benartex Fabrics- Woodlands- 04331- 42 
Deer and vines linked together on a green tonal background giving off a forest like feel
 $9.99   Buy Now  
 Benartex Fabrics- Woodlands- 04331-71   Benartex Fabrics- Woodlands- 04331-71 
Woodland brown backdrop followed up with a deer and vine combo to fall in line on the color theme
 $9.99   Buy Now  
 Benartex Fabrics- Woodlands- 04331-78   Benartex Fabrics- Woodlands- 04331-78 
Red orange framework with vines and deer silhouette throughout the fabric
 $9.99   Buy Now  
 Benartex Fabrics- Woodlands- 04332-07   Benartex Fabrics- Woodlands- 04332-07 
Soft gold fabric with white imprinted spring fruits
 $9.99   Buy Now  
 Benartex Fabrics- Woodlands- 04332-40   Benartex Fabrics- Woodlands- 04332-40 
White washed green with some tonal berries imprinted on
 $9.99   Buy Now  
 Benartex Fabrics- Woodlands- 04332-70   Benartex Fabrics- Woodlands- 04332-70 
Bronze brown background with flourishing berries coming to fruition
 $9.99   Buy Now  
 Benartex Fabrics- Woodlands- 04332-78   Benartex Fabrics- Woodlands- 04332-78 
brown orange backdrop with eye popping white berries on top
 Bosal- Poly therm Fleece- 364   Bosal- Poly therm Fleece- 364 
Soft Fleece with heat reflecting film for use in oven mitts, quilts, and window treatments
 $12.00   Buy Now  
 Bouclé Wool Knit -Heather Charcoal- UWD8859   Bouclé Wool Knit -Heather Charcoal- UWD8859 
Rough black and gray wool material
 $34.99   Buy Now  
 Bundle-Animal Print-Blended Jaguar   Bundle-Animal Print-Blended Jaguar 
6 yards of blended jaguar fabric
 $29.99   Buy Now  
 Bundle-Animal Print-Blended thin tiger   Bundle-Animal Print-Blended thin tiger 
6 yards of thin orange and white tiger stripes
 $29.99   Buy Now  
 Bundle-Animal Print-Cow   Bundle-Animal Print-Cow 
6 yards of black and white cow hide
 $29.99   Buy Now  
 Bundle-Animal Print-Giraffe   Bundle-Animal Print-Giraffe 
6 yards of giraffe print
 $29.99   Buy Now  
 Bundle-Animal Print-Jaguar Fur   Bundle-Animal Print-Jaguar Fur 
6 yards of jaguar print with fur impressions
 $29.99   Buy Now  
 Bundle-Animal Print-Jaguar small   Bundle-Animal Print-Jaguar small 
6 yards of small jaguar print
 $29.99   Buy Now  
 Bundle-Animal Print-Leopard   Bundle-Animal Print-Leopard 
6 yards of leopard print fabric
 $29.99   Buy Now  
 Bundle-Animal Print-Lizard   Bundle-Animal Print-Lizard 
6 yards of lizard skin print
 $29.99   Buy Now  
 Bundle-Animal Print-Micro Zebra   Bundle-Animal Print-Micro Zebra 
6 Yards of a micro zebra stripe pattern
 $29.99   Buy Now  
 Bundle-Animal Print-Mini Zebra   Bundle-Animal Print-Mini Zebra 
6 yards of mini zebra print
 $29.99   Buy Now  
 Bundle-Animal Print-Orange Jaguar   Bundle-Animal Print-Orange Jaguar 
6 yards of orange jaguar fabric
 $29.99   Buy Now  
Displaying 21 to 40 (of 453 products) Result Pages: [<< Prev]   1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10 ...  [Next >>]